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CanberraEV welcomes people who are interested in any or all aspects of electric vehicles such as: conversions, commercialisation, public policy and advocacy. If you wish to be involved, please come along to the meetings. You can also contact the branch here. It is not necessary to be a member of AEVA to attend the Canberra meetings. If you wish to join AEVA (and that is encouraged), please contact AEVA.

The objectives of AEVA are:

  • To promote and develop the use and demand for electric vehicles for industrial, commercial, public, domestic and / or other purposes.
  • To assist and further the interests of manufactures, suppliers and users of electric vehicles and to encourage friendly relations and the exchange of information between them.
  • To collect, disseminate and circulate knowledge on the use and merits of electric vehicles by means of literature, correspondence, questionnaires, brochures, lectures, statistics films otherwise.
  • To establish the Association as an authoritative source of information on electric vehicles with Federal, State and local governments, public authorities, corporation, firms and persons.
  • To promote, assist and support industrial and scientific research and encourage experimental work and the discovery of inventions which may effect or may be capable of use in electric vehicles.
  • To encourage the establishment and acceptance of standards of quality and performance of electric vehicles.

The group maintains contact between members and anybody else who wants to get in touch through:

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The Canberra branch of AEVA meets on the first Monday evening of each month, except for January because of holidays.

We normally have a fixed agenda plus discussions. The discussions are positive and vibrant. Good things come from them, like the festival. You are welcome to come along and contribute!

Some regular attendees have experience in converting their own vehicles and are happy to help others. Some are more interested in public policy and promoting EVs. Still others are interested in the technological aspects of EVs. Most are interested in all aspects of EVs.


Attending meetings is free, but we do ask that if you are interested and wish to attend regularly, that you join AEVA. First-time attendees are asked to say a few words about themselves.


All welcome.


Currently, agendas and minutes are distributed on the discussions list.



Meetings are held in the Hellenic Club Canberra City, 13 Moore St (where the old RSL club used to be) in one of the upstairs meeting rooms.

Meetings start at 7 pm. Some members meet in the Bistro at about 6.15 pm for a meal beforehand.

CanberraEV thanks The Hellenic Club for their support.



CanberraEV maintains a group email list.

We have lots of discussions about EVs and things to do with EVs from global, national and local perspectives.

If you have anything you would like to discuss about EVs, subscribe and send an email.



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Mailing list details

When a subscriber sends an email to all other subscribers will receive it. If you reply to it, all the other subscribers will receive your reply. So it’s like having a discussion in email, but with all the subscribers of the group.

Tip: create a folder in your email program and use rules to move all the group emails to it. This way, it won’t interfere with your inbox. (For the filter, you can use the List-Id =, or that the subject of all messages are prefixed with “[Canberra EV Discussions]”).

Note that emails will only be accepted from subscribed email addresses.
This means that if you register with one email address (say a home email address), emails from any other email address (e.g. a work email address) will be rejected (unless it is also subscribed).


You can manage your subscription via this web page:


After subscribing, you can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email from your subscribed email address to As an alternative, each email has a link to the management page where you can enter your email address to unsubscribe.

Coming on 4 October: CanberraEV show and shine

Coming on 4 October: CanberraEV show and shine

8 August, 2015


Contact information

If have you any questions about EVs, the best place for an answer is by putting it on the mailing list (see Discussions). There are lots of people who are happy to help.

If you have a question or suggestion relating to the group, about its administration or the meetings etc, please use the form on the right.

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