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Air battery to let electric cars outlast gas guzzlers

Electric vehicles have 3 problems which limit their usefulness as a general purpose replacement for an internal combustion engine vehicle.  This development holds out the hope of a solution to the range problem by 2020.

No news on time to recharge, or cost.

"Revenge Of The Electric Car" – the DVD release

See the official trailer at:


DVD release details:


About the title: its a reference to Who Killed The Electric Car?,  a documentary about the EV1, an electric car produced by General Motors between 1996 & 1999.  All EV1s were were leased to consumers.  As leases came to an end, the vehicles were seized & crushed, despite offers from lessors to purchase.

Lots of video about all of the above on the 'Net, including YouTube & Wikipedia.

DUI: driving under influenza?

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